A colleague tells me that “Twitter is just a bunch of marketing people shouting at each other”. Whilst this isn’t entirely true in my experience, there are certainly a lot of marketing and media people who use Twitter and some of the threads read very much as a private club discussion.

Having said that, there are plenty of examples of Twitter working for a wider audience and certainly in the UK there have been several high-profile twitter campaigns over things that have appeared in the media. But the question is, what evidence exists to show that having and using a Twitter account helps the average UK business?

  • Does it help with customer communication?
  • Does it generate sales?
  • Does it have other benefits, like helping with seo campaigns?

To put it another way, using Twitter might be one of the latest ‘nice to have’ marketing initiatives, but is it really making any impact and would the time be better spent on other, less exciting marketing & sales activities?