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Insurance comparison sites get (almost) interesting

Two UK companies ran campaigns that were different and interesting in January. First up, was who ran an ad featuring a meerkat! The play being around and A great example of a campaign that was guaranteed to get people talking and no doubt emailing links around (the ad is all over youtube). Not sure how much more insurance got sold though!


Meerkat dating site!

Meerkat dating site!









On the other hand is a well known insurance site well known for irritating tv ads. Then suddenly, they’ve started employing usability as a differentiator for their site (although they don’t refer to it as such). The ads basically plug how easy and uncomplicated the site is to use. Not having used it, I can’t comment on its effectiveness, but it is definitely an interesting development for the concept of usability.

Final twist: At the time of writing, if you do a search for meerkat on there is a ppc ad being served as shown below. Genius!


ppc ads for meerkats

ppc ads for meerkats

Making your url easy to access – the water cooler moment

I had a real water cooler moment today. The water cooler in question is a brand in the UK called Pow wow. but wait, what’s this? A web address on the front of the cooler –

In a similar vein to an earlier post this is a pretty messy url to be using isn’t it? I suppose that you could argue there is some search engine benefit to using the word water in there, but the use of so many hyphens is a killer for anyone trying to remember an address like this. But then, maybe things have moved on, perhaps people just use a search engine instead of remembering urls. Either way, I think it still pays to have a meaningful and easy to use address.

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