I’ve just finished reading Seth Godin’s new tome – Linchpin. I have mixed feelings about the book overall. I’ll expand on this at a future point but in essence Godin argues that if we make ourselves invaluable and bring artistry into our work then we’ll all be more satisfied and secure. True enough, but not particularly earth shattering. Having said that, there is some truth in his (overly developed argument).

This set me off thinking that it must be possible to find these “linchpins” in any organisation. If you are ever in Kefalonia, do look up a bar called Crazy George’s. As well as serving some good drinks (i recommend the Crazy George special) you’ll find a living, breathing Linchpin.

What makes a Linchpin – Godin offers several takes on this. I think it can be simplified. A Linchpin is simply someone in the organisation who cares, makes it happen and follows through.