Chrome comic strip

Chrome's comic strip guide

The web is ablaze with news of Google’s surprise release of their new browser. I’ve had a quick look and it seems good, but it’ll take a few weeks to really see how useful it is.

Setting aside the actual browser, I think that Google have done something really interesting with their launch of this application (no, I’m not referring to them letting the imminent release slip out). I’m referring to the fantastic comic-strip guide they used to launch the browser and give the back story to its development.

As I read the guide, I was tremendously impressed with how well it conveyed the content and held my attention. I certainly wouldn’t have read 10 pages of text about the development! No wonder then, when I got to the end with the feeling that the style looked familiar somehow, it’s been drawn by Scott McCloud, my favourite ‘comics as a serious form of communication’ guru. If you haven’t read his book Understanding Comics yet, it’s well worth a look.

Full marks to Google for daring to be different, but then I suppose they can afford to be. ┬áNow what is Chrome like to use….