A typewriter
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Talking to a friend about writing and blogging I mentioned that I had started writing on my personal website again. “Why bother, no one will ever see it”. Ignoring the encouraging sentiment, when this website was started back in 2008 , blogging was very much in favour, companies like TypePad were riding high and generally it was seen as an essential online activity. Over time, blogging, at least on small personal sites seems to have become less popular.

Most commercial websites feature a blog of some sort even if it isn’t called a blog anymore. Of course, much of what was referred to as blogging is swallowed up under the heading of content marketing or content creation and it’s interesting to compare the two terms on Google Trends.

Blogging or content marketing – same but different?

So, why do I still bother writing entries on this website? The answer is that writing is a skill and even though I write as part of my work, it’s one of those skills that seems to improve and come easier with practice. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if no one reads the content, the act of writing is an end in itself.