There is another brilliant example of new media following old rules and catching out the unwary, read all about it here 

In essence a senior executive at a media company used Twitter (the darling of social media applications) to post a message that slated his client’s home town. The best part is that he did this before delivering a training session to some of the client’s staff on – wait for it – social media. Apparently it didn’t occur to this person that his trainees might use social media as well. Needless to say, it has cost the executive in question a lot of face and potentially a big client.

In an earlier post I gave another example of this type of thing I suppose the moral is that media may change, but the practice remains the same, be careful what you say and to whom. I think that lots of people fall into a trap of thinking that comments made on social or any electronic media won’t surface, but they have a habit of being caught out. People, particularly in business, need to be considered and cautious when passing comment.

So, given the medium was Twitter, does this mean the appropriate word must be twottered?