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What does an email address say about you?

Two things have happened recently that made me think about this topic. I was reviewing the CV of a potential recruit. All appeared fine, the qualifications were good, but the email address was something along the lines of thebigdude@yahoomail.con – okay not exactly, but something

what makes a good email address?

what makes a good email address?

like that. This one small detail undermines everything else that is on the page.

But is isn’t just individuals that have odd looking email addresses. The second thing was seeing a van with an email address so long it almost ran off the side! I still see plenty of examples where what would otherwise appear to be switched on and professional businesses have free mail addresses or excruciatingly long URLs with lots of dashes in them.

Now, don’t get me wrong these services have their uses and like most people I have a gmail address and so on, but when presentation really counts why not sort out a decent url and address, especially if you are a small but professional business. Otherwise its the online equivalent of having a handwritten note as your shop’s signage.


  1. Mr B I G Dude

    I totally disagree 😉

  2. Martin

    Dude – no offence intended. Clearly, there will be occaisions where that email address is just perfect 😉 and of course, any similarity to exisiting email addresses is unintended and accidental. Chill – dude.

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